Trekking There are different types of itineraries: ring itineraries with areas where it is possible to rest and have something to drink and eat, educational itineraries very similar to natural itineraries and itineraries for experts.
The wine roads Le strade del vino are itineraries for discovering areas dedicated to the production of wine, distinguished from vineyards and wineries as well as from natural, cultural and historical attractions which are significant for those interested in this aspect of tourism.
Art towns Tuscany and its art towns with their historical centres, museums, cathedrals, visited in every period of the year by thousands of tourists.
Tuscan castles Medieval Tuscany. Tiny villages and big towns preserve traces of their Medieval past. Castles. fortresses, towers are a sometimes ignored presence, as it happens for things which have always been there. They spread around the region as if they wanted to remind us of one of man’s primary need: that of defending oneself from invading people.
Bycicles Trips by bike in The “Val di Cecina”, in the wood of Berignone and Tatti, Micciano and Monterufoli.
Art in “ValdiCecina” Walking in the streets, the trails and the ancient roads which run through this territory, amidst an ever changing landscape, we have the impression of a less frenetic lifestyle.
Seaside The Tuscan coastline. The “Versilia” with its sandy and large beaches, the Etruscan coastline with cliffs which drop sheer to the sea, the “Maremma” and the “Argentario”.
Parks Parks, natural reserves and protected zones in Tuscany
Spa treatments and vacations in Tuscany spa